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Types of Integration with Partners

Integration with Loyalty Program Operators

The Koshelek platform supports the following types of integration with partners which are loyalty program operators or gift cards/certificates providers:

  1. Online integration. In this case, the Koshelek platform connects and interacts with partner’s CRM system used for loyalty programs management: issuing and maintenance of loyalty cards and gift certificates, accounting of customers transactions in service points, bonus points counting, etc. The online integration between Koshelek and partner can be implemented either of the following ways:
    • using the Loyalty Online API;
    • using the partner’s API.
  2. Offline integration. In this case, the Koshelek platform and partner’s CRM system exchange files: the partner side periodically uploads registries of loyalty cards and/or gift certificates (issued and reserved for issuance), and Koshelek uploads registries of cards and/or certificates issued for users in the Koshelek app.


Offline integration gives the partner less opportunity to interact with the customer of the loyalty program through the Koshelek app than online integration.

If required, it is possible to realize a mixed way of the integration: one part of data (used for issuing and maintaining virtual copies of loyalty cards in the Koshelek app) is transferred in online mode, the other data are transferred via files exchanging (for example, registry of loyalty cards numbers reserved for issuing in the application).

Refer to the following sections to learn about ways of integration realization:

To improve the quality of service for virtual copies of loyalty cards issued in the Koshelek app, the Koshelek platform also provides the additional APIs and services: